Personality Development

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Personality development is necessary in order to make complete person who have positive thought process along with confidence in himself, the better communication skills and the healthy physical and mental state of the body. Personality is not linked with the outer look of the person. It is also linked with the inner beauty and how a heart of a person is like. Earlier parents were hardly aware of the importance of the personal development and the grooming of a child. If a child is groomed properly from the childhood then it will be embedded in his personality forever. One can learn properly learn the communication skills that are included in the personality development of an individual. These are the basic traits of the person that differentiate on from the other person. Dressing nicely is not only a part of the personality development. If a person is dressing nicely but he is using abusive language his personality will not be said to be developed.

Outer beauty is not necessary for the personality development. The way one talks and deals with other is actual way of getting groomed personally. Both factors should be fulfilled to some extent in order to be developed personally. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression is created by the looks of a person. So in order to full fill the prior need one should be physically fit. The posture of standing, walking and sitting, gestures of hands while talking, facial expressions of an individual reveals a lot about the personality of a person. One needs to put all the focus on these factors in order to improve him or her personality. Both the outer and inner personality needs to be made strong. Making a goal in life helps to develop ones personality. The knowledge of a person should be vast. The confidence should be reflected on the face as it makes you look more sure and real about what you are doing. The outer looks are important as they help to create the impression on others. However the comfort of an individual should be kept in mind while suggesting him or her style to opt for better outer looks as one could be more confident only if one is comfortable in whatever he is wearing. In uncomfortable clothes one loses the confidence as it diverts the attention and makes the person look less confident.


The next thing that is essential to keep in mind about keeping the healthy body. An individual should take healthy and nutritious diet in order to be healthy and fit. An individual should think big and live even bigger. The oily and junk food is injurious to health. Avoiding these could bring the change in your body and life too. We look exactly what we eat. If we consume a healthy diet we will look physically fit and healthy. Personality development is an important aspect of personal grooming of a person. It is essential to make it part of daily routine to bring it in ones personality. A child should be groomed well in time in his early stages only in order to absorb those qualities in his nature. Hence personality development is must in modern era to stand out in today’s world with confidence.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 13, 2018
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