What are qualities of a Production Manager ?

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The desired qualities in a good production manager can be summarized as follows.

1) Intelligence – Intelligence forms a very important and essential quality for a production manager or for any manager. The goals and objectives of the organization should be very much clear in the mind of the manager, in order to completely make efficient use of the resources.

2) Flexibility – In an organization, situations keep on changing from time to time and very rarely remain static. The situations may include changing priorities or demands of the customers etc. A good production manager should possess flexibility which will enable him to modify the planning procedure to suit the changing conditions.

3) Imagination – An imaginative manager provides with new methods leading to greater efficient use of the resources available. Imagination forms a very engulfing and important quality of a good production manager.

4) Enthusiasm and perseverance – A production manager should be an enthusiastic person which will enable him to do various things and that also in a well planned manner. For a person to be enthusiastic for any activity he does, perseverance plays a very important role.


5) Sympathy – The nature and also the working habits of the various workmen are quite different from each other, so a production manager cannot or should not expect the same level of performance from all its workers. Workmen who have become old or facing any problem (physically sick) must be treated with sympathy.

6) Resourcefulness – To achieve success in any field one should be able to make maximum efficient use of the resources available. Resourcefulness can be defined as one’s ability of making proper use of the available resources which at the end of the day will help to tide over the current problems. A resourceful production manager will be able to face the various odd situations surrounding him or the organization and come out of them in a successful manner.

7) Communication ability – A lot depends upon the communication ability of the persons involved in the organization. Communication ability forms the basis of giving instructions by production manager to his workers, communicating various decisions of the management, resolving conflicts etc. Good communication ability has a very important fundamental base which involves one’s ability to listen to others with patience and not getting hyper in any awkward case.


8 ) Self control – During the working of an organization a production manager experiences different kinds of situations which may be according to the planned procedure or may result from some wrong activities performed. In such situations a good production manager is the one who does not get panicky or discouraged and also does not become hyper when things are not going correctly or according to the planned procedure. Hence a good production manager should not lose his temper, as absence or lack of self control in a production manager, obstructs clear thinking.
So, the production manager plays a very critical role in the stimulation of the development as well as the improvement process of the operations management.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:July 21, 2010
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  • virpal choudhary May 15, 2016 at 5:29 am

    This is very good explanation of production manager but you should explain how he tackle men power union to get company objective

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