What is The Database Management System?

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For carrying out the working of the management information systems in a very efficient and a proper way, the data acts as a very essential and a critical part for the transaction processing. In the beginning, when the era of the computer applications literally started, the data used to be maintained on the basis of the use of a particular data for some particular application.

In such a scenario, every user system used to have its own master files and also the transaction files, but a very important point to be kept in mind here is that these transaction files and the master files were processed separately.

One of the major observations included the presence of the data redundancy. This data redundancy is generally caused because of the fact which says that the data which is mainly needed by the systems is common and as a result of this, repetition creeps in the data stored in the various user systems. And this data redundancy further leads to the complexities in the data management.

Data redundancy also leads to the lack of the integrity and the in consistency of the data available in the various user files.

The name ‘The Database Management System’ comes from the database approach that emerged out of the need, indeed urgency, to eliminate the data management problems. Database is actually very pivotal to The Database Management System. The database also uses a very specific structuring of the data but the actual meaning of the word database can be defined as “A mechanical or an automated, formally defined, centrally controlled collection of the data in an organization”.

The Database Management System An Overview
The Database Management System is software that provides services for the accessing of a database, while maintaining all the required features of the data.

The Database Management System DBMS has the responsibility for acting as the interface between the various application programmes and the data. The Database Management System acts as a software system and also helps in performing the functions like the defining, creating, revising, and the controlling of the database.

The Database Management System in a very basic sense is a specially designed software, used in order to create the database and also for maintaining the database. It helps in performing the individual business applications to extract the data, which is required by them without the creation of the separate files in their computer programs.

The collection of the information that is stored in the database at a specific moment is referred to as the instance of the database. The over all design of the database is referred to as the database schema.

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Article Published:September 12, 2011
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