Explain various types of Database Languages?

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Different types of the database languages can be summarized as the following

1. Data Definition Language (DDL)
a. Acts as the formal language.
b. Generally used by the various computer professionals.
c. Helps in the specification of the database schema.
d. The result of the compilation of the Data Definition Language statements is a set of the tables.
e. Defines each of the data element at it appears in the database.

2. Data Manipulation Language (DML)
a. Acts as a very specialized language.
b. Mainly used by the end users and the programmers.
c. Helps in manipulating the data in the database.
d. Provides the facility for the retrieval of the information that has been stored.
e. Helps in the insertion of the new information.
f. Also helps in deleting some particular information.
g. Modifies the stored information.
h. Consists of some commands.
i. These commands help in the extraction of the data from the database.
j. Satisfies the information requests.
k. Helps in the development of the applications.

Types of the Data Manipulation Language
1. Procedural Data Manipulation Language
a. Requires the user in order to specify what data are needed and how to get those data.

2. Non Procedural Data Manipulation Language
a. Needs the user for specifying the data that are needed without specifying how to get those data.

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Article Published:September 12, 2011
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