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What are the De-limitations of the Physical Mental Relationship

Considering all the facts and the figures that were recovered from the various researches and data interpretation work carried on in India and also abroad, it was found that the investigator that was involved in the administration of the intelligence test and then after the statistical treatment of the intelligence scores, the same subjects had to be administered Kuppuswamy’s socio economic status scale and in this all the physical measures were to be taken. One thing that was very critical here was that in the matter of the studies the rural portion of the sectors was not at all missed. How ever it was found that the rural element was not at all ignored as the rural feeder schools were also included in the study. History reveals it self that the man learns from the experience of the others. Man always seeks the help and the guidance from his ancestors so it can be said that before laying the emphasis presently on the study going on, it is more critical and also essential to find out the field of the related studies and then further study and found conclusions about the de limitations of the physical health and the mental health and then In turn the relation ship between the physical health and the mental health. How ever how much creative the mind of the researcher may be he or she has to keep herself informed of all the researches that are being carried on in India or the western world or in any part of the full fledged world. If any scientist or the research worker is not able to do this or is not able to be in touch with the movements that are taking place in the world of the research in this regard, this alone will act as a very big limitation for the research being carried out on personal basis of the research and also on the large scale basis.

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What are the requirement and impact of Socio Economic Studies?

A large number of attempts for understanding the socio economic status have been made but before this it is very critical to get in to the fact that why there is need for us and the entire world to under stand the relationship between the social factors and the economic factors that are acting up on the human being all the times. Intelligence among the students is always related to the physical standards and then further to the socio economic standards of the beings. The earliest attempts made at the measuring the intelligence focused attention on the physical aspects. Gall was the first who tried to measure the mental ability or the intelligence from the head. At the end of the 18th century he and his friend Spurzheim thought that the head was the index of the brain and the brain the index of the mind. Even before Gall, Lavater in 1772 came forward with his theory of the face and his theory basically revealed the man’s fighting qualities and these types of qualities are generally residing in his nose and other facial features. Intelligence of an individual is at a great level influenced by a large no of the multiple factors and in this the environment of the home or the working place plays a very important and a vital role and also In under standing the socio economic status and why there is requirement of having such studies. In India and also in the various countries and especially the western countries, there has consistently been a relation ship between the socio economic relation ship and the average level of the intelligence. It has been found that there are definite group differences in the levels of the intelligence and for under standing this, there comes the need of the requirement of the socio economic studies in day to day life. Research is not at all conclusive in the supporting of the relationship between the mental sides of the body because there are some positive co relations and some of these co relations are positive and some of them are very low and some of them are very in significant in the nature.

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What are the required course of action and suggestions for improving the Socio – Economic Relationship

The required course of action generally involves the steps and the procedures that need to be followed for finding out the improvement in the relationship of the Socio Economic status of an individual and In turn can be termed as the suggestions from the writers end that can be or in other terms need to be implemented for causing and hence receiving the positive improvement in socio economic relationship of any individual may it be a highly intelligent or weakly intelligent organism. The mentors who can be either the parents or the teachers or any type of the guardian’s should in any case, very critically be able to find out or recognize the general level of the intelligence to the scholastic ability as both of these two factors can not be any case determined by the physical measures like the height, weight and the vice versa. So it can be said that the various physical factors that are in many cases considered to be as one of the best determinants are here in this case not able to act as a proper determinant in order to measure the intelligence of an individual. These determinants can be used as the factors or the determinants that are able to only account for the very low percentage of the intelligence sometimes even below the mark of .001 and the remaining part becomes accountable or is being counted at the other end that is referred to as the part consisting of the various other factors that on a general view include the environment and the various living and the working conditions.

So as a result of this one factor that can be learned here is that the various types of the physical measures alone can not be taken or blamed as the sole determinant of the levels of the high level of the intelligence or the low level of the intelligence or not even of the average levels of the intelligence, One factors that comes in to being from the various researches and studies taken over in India or even in the abroad, is that a large amount of improvement is observed in the individuals in the cases where the individuals have be observed with having the support of the mentors of the parents or the teachers or of the guardians. Here in this case encouragement plays a very important and a very critical role for observing any type of the improvement in the socio economic relationship of an individual. So the most important observation that comes in to the existence or that can be even tagged here as the suggestion is that the parents or the mentors or the teachers should and must encourage the child for taking part in the greater learning that should be conducive in the nature and as a result of which there will be a gradual increase in the grasping power and the intelligence levels of the individuals.

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What are the Physical Measures of Human Beings Relating To The Respective Socio – Economic Status

In the recent past, many scientific studies have been carried out and it has been certified many a times that there is a key relationship between the physical measures possessed by the human beings and to the socio – economic status being carried by the respective human beings in there day to day life and also involving the various activities in the day to day life scenarios in the going on life.

In the beginning in order to understand the relationship between the above mentioned parameters, it is very necessary and critical to understand certain factors to get in depth understanding of this the very critical relationship as this relationship helps in the development life long and is an ever learning process. These factors that revolve around this relationship are physical mental relationship, need of the study and its significance in day to day life, definitions of the terms being used, aim of the study, hypothesis, delimitations, samples and the procedures for carrying out these studies, statistical treatments of the data, intelligence scores and tools, physical measures involving their intelligence and their relationship, high and low intelligent students socio – economic status, weight intelligence and their relationship and the need of the study and then followed by the conclusion of the study.

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