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What are the various types of research?

1. Pure research
a. Also called as the fundamental or the theoretical research.
b. Is basic and original.
c. Can lead to the discovery of a new theory.
d. Can result in the development or refinement of a theory that already exists.
e. Helps in getting knowledge without thinking formally of implementing it in practice based on the honesty, love and integrity of the researcher for discovering the truth.

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What is Research? Write a note about Features, Characteristics and Limitations of research

Meaning and Definition of Research
Research in simplified terms means searching for the facts searching for the replies to the various queries and also for the solutions to the various problems. Research is an inquiry or an investigation with a specific purpose to fulfill, it helps in clearing the various doubtful concepts and tries to solve or explain the various unexplained procedures or phenomenons.

According to the encyclopedia of social science, research can be explained as ‘the manipulation of generalizing to extend, connect or verify knowledge.’

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