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Explain the importance of Listening

Listening is actually by far the most important and the most vital step or process of the communication that takes place as the waves of sound hits with the ears. Listening and hearing is not the same process. Listening refers to receiving the message in the meaningful way and understanding the thoughts in the message. Human beings listen very frequently. In the daily routine we normally hear while in order to receive a message in a meaningful way we usually hear. It is an important step in the process of communication. With the increase in the time of career one spends more time on listening. One person on average spends more than 50 per cent on listening. This skill plays an important role in some of the career options like that of sale person, personal manager, general manager etc. One can find out the needs of the other person once he listens to the other. General Manager needs this quality as he needs to find out what does the customer needs. On the operational level one need to listen more in order to find the need of the customers. It is necessary to first understand rather than to be understood. Misunderstandings occur due to poor listening sometimes.

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Explain the concepts of Oral Communication

The oral communication acts as one of the major and the very critical media of the communication as it helps to transfer the information from one end to the other depending on the large number of the factors. There are a number of the ways by which the communication can take place and these include in the written form or in the oral form or in the form of the gestures etc. all these are referred to as the medias of the communication as all of these act as a platform or the source or the channel to transfer the information from one end to the other. The use of these instruments depend on a number of the factors that include the amount of the matter that is to be transferred, the time that is available for the communication, the cost of the whole process and much more. The various forms of the medias that can be used for carrying on the process of the communication involves the face to face communication, with the help of the telephones or the mobiles, E-mail, Video conferencing, fax, email etc. All the above mentioned medias act as the verbal medias of the communication but in addition to all these there are a large number of the non-verbal medias of the communication as well that include carrying on the process of the communication with the help of the facial expressions or with the help of the body language and many more. The non verbal instruments of the communication are normally used in the informal chats and hence on the basis of the formal Medias that are available for the transfer of the information, there are basically 2 types of the Medias, the oral communication and the written communication. In this article we will be discussing about the oral communication.

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Explain the concept of Written Communication

Written communication is that type of the communication that is done on the basis of the written words, charts, graphs, diagrams, reports, pictures and many more and with the help of all these, the written communication can be completed in the various kinds of the forms like the letters, bulletins, memos, reports etc. the mail can be either external or internal in the nature, can be ordinary based or at times can be based on the various types of the computer technologies. But it can be said that irrespective of the type or the form or the channel of the written communication, every bit of it involves the involvement of the human memory, observation ability, the very important power to imagine and to think, control and the command over the language, followed by the ability to write. The communication that is done in the form of the written communication acts as a permanent record as it has the power of being stored and this storage can be used for any type of the reference that is required in the future and also has the power to act as the legal document if required at any point of the time. Hence, the various types of the procedural instructions, policy matters and the various forms of the confidential orders are issued in the form of the written communication as in such type of the communication if the message is forgotten by the receiver, then he or she can go back to the various files that actually contain the written records that have been preserved in the past.

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Explain the Importance and Effects of Communication

Before moving ahead and understanding the importance of the communication in the life of the individual at the personal level as well as the corporate level, it is very necessary to understand and have an in depth analysis of the difference between the life with the poor communication skills and the life with the good communication skills and all that what the life that can achieve with the very best of the communication skills. The skills of the communication act as an essential tool to the business or in other words can be said that these act as the blood to the human body. Much more added importance can be achieved with the enhancement of the complexities of the operations of the business accompanied by the competition that is prevalent in the present world. In the absence of the effective communication the company or the firm will not be able to perform at its best level as the management of the company will not be able to discharge the functions in a smooth way and as a result of all these the business of the company or the firm will be reduced and at times may be reduced to a standstill. In a effective business the communication has a very large role to play as it helps in the efficient disciplined working of the business, keeping an eye on the communication failures with the focus on the innovations, anticipation, planning followed by the steps of organizing. Effective communication has so much of the power that it can motivate others towards the development of the individual and as whole of the whole company. Effective communication helps in controlling and building human relationships with zero defect marketing and high quality services. It leads to the achievements of the job satisfaction and enrichment by maintaining the much needed maintenance of the relations with the external parties by making space for very effective strategic management.
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Communication and Self Development

The communication can be effective and genuine in the nature as a whole only if both the parties in between whom the information is being transferred are completely present in the communication. The skills of the communication and as self development are related in lot of ways to each other and are actually inseparable in nature as both of them are very much dependent on each other and are also interrelated to each other as they follow the relationship of the cause and effect. In this scenario education plays a very important role so it is very important role to take care of education accompanied by the factor of the elevation that helps a lot in making communication more and more effective in the nature. It is very important for an individual to create himself or herself from inside as by this only an individual will be able to sell them self in a much better way. Proper level of the consciousness and awareness of the things helps a lot in the continuous self development that in turn improves the listening, reading, writing and speaking ability of an individual.

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Communication – Work of a Scientist or an Artist?

It is something questionable that if communication is a result of science or it is an art. It is very important to make communication skill very effective in order to interact nicely with others and making them understand exactly what you want. It is science that discovers the things that are the fundamental principles where as art forms the practical results. Communication skill is not embedded by birth although it can be achieved with the deep practice and sincere efforts can be made to make them learnt thoroughly without any difficulty. One needs to concentrate on the principle skills of the communication in order to get the hold of communication skills. When it comes to the discussion of the science we can say that science is the knowledge of standardised principles that have been concluded through proper experiments. It helps us know the reason for the existence of everything.

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Explain the Basics of Communication

In the present era where the work force is under the influence of intensive competition accompanied by the various types of the good and the bad practices to win the competition it is very necessary for an individual or a group of individual to be having something that others are not having. One of the factors on which an individuals or a group of individual can work to have something better than the others that will separate them from the others is the parameter of having good communication skills. Communication should be such that the other party is able to understand what the person is trying to convey in a very decent manner. In the life of an individual maximum of the time that is spent in communicating if reviewed it has been observed that only few of such individuals are able to posses the mastery in the skills of the communication. The skills of the communication have a very important role in the life of an individual and also a whole when an individual or group of individual are performing in a particular organisation or a firm. The growth accompanied by the success of an individual is very much dependent on skills of communication a skills play very dominant play a very decisive part in framing the career of an individual professionally as well as personally. The researches that have been conducted in India as well as the whole world clearly suggests that creativity and the level of the intelligence play a very effective role in the growth of the career of an individual but only both of these are not enough at maximum times.

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Self Development and Communication

In order to master the communication skill one needs to be effective in conveying and receiving messages from others. The gesture of a person, body language, facial expression, writing, speech and writing of the person helps in understanding the process of self development in a person by considering the communication skills as the part and parcel of the daily human life. In writing one needs to understand and be creative. Writing involves searching of the ideas, finding them and making them present in elaborated form in clear language to the targeted audience. This is the creative process as it involves the deep dive to the inner layers of mind and self created assumptions to bring new things that are explored with renewed spirits. One becomes more creative by experiencing the solitude in writing. Inner most moods and feelings can be explained with the help of paper and pen. One can meet himself while trying to find something new in others. The writing process helps to improve the self development process in an individual. The self development can take place of the skills of the communication are developed in a positive manner. Then comes the other part i.e. speaking skill that connects with the self development process and it is the most important one. The writing, public speaking, body language and listening are all the part of the communication skill and they are all needed to be improved.

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