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What is Motivation in terms of communication?

The motivation acts as the one of the major objectives of the communication as tit has the power to channelise the inner emerging desires or urges of a man that prompts him to act and work and ultimately allows him to excel the various organizational goals. At every stage of the hierarchy, at every profile or designation the motivation has a role to play in one form or the other. At the initial level of the executives or the clerical profile one needs to motivate him and the others to do the work that is assigned to him and all the concerned colleagues working as the team. As one moves higher in the hierarchy the role keeps on changing. Here comes the role of motivation at the bigger stage with more number of employees working along with him and also under his guidance. One needs to motivate self and try to set an example to the other colleagues so that he shows that he posses some of the qualities that others can always try to learn.

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What is an Order? What is its importance in Official Communication

The directions that are given by the management to the subordinates in a formal and the authoritative way that specifies to do or to stop from doing some course of the action, is actually referred to as an order. It is very important and vital to issue the required orders in order to complete any type of the task in the firm or the company without taking in to the consideration the nature and the size of that particular organisation. The communication in case of the orders is always downward as it actually flows from the management to the subordinate. The orders can be oral or written. There are some of the conditions that are applied whether the various orders issued will be written or oral.

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Explain the concept of Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the objective of the communication and is referred to as a process in which two or more individuals or the group of the individuals take part in the discussion of the matters and find out the solution for the specific thing that is acceptable by all and generally at the ground level this process is done in an informal manner. No type of lose-lose situation will come in to the existence in the case of the rational person. When ever such a situation comes in which the possibility of winning is very less then, the part of the compromise comes in to the limelight. One needs to select between the win-win criteria or compromising. There is a lot of the difference between these two as in the situation of the bargaining, one needs to consider the others as the foe but this is not the same in the case of the win-win situation as here they are considered as the friend. The feeling of the competition and the conflict is existing in the bargaining but in the case of the win-win situation, there is the presence of the co-operation and the collaboration.

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What is the importance of Education in an organisation?

Education acts as the most critical and the vital objective of the communication. The bottom line of the working in this whole world is that the process of the learning must continue at any cost irrespective of the position in the hierarchy. This is the reason all the organisations or the firms from the time to time impart education about the various things to the already recruited employees or to the newly recruited employees. Every firm or the organisation works according to the set rules and the regulations and from time to time, these things keep on changing as well and hence as a result of this it is very necessary to always be updated with these things. A large amount of the research work is being carried out in the whole world on all most everything and everyday some new things keep on touching the world, so in order to be with power with the developing science and the technology, the employees need to be trained and imparted with education of the same.

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What is the role of Counselling in Communication

The counselling forms one of the major aspects or the objectives of the communication as it appears to be a part or to be like the advice but that is not the case as the counselling is some what with a particular professional touch by an individual who is having the possession of the vast type of the knowledge as well as the skills in that particular field. It helps a lot for the individuals who are facing a lot of the problems at the personal as well as at the job and as a result of this there entire disturbance has a diverse affect on the productivity and ultimately the performance of the individual on the work. But with the help of the counselling the emotions and pains can be shared and as a result of this there occurs the release of the tension.

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Explain the concept of Information?

The main aim of communication is giving and receiving information through different kind of mediums like that of verbal, written or through body language, signs and expressions. Basically information is different from that of data. Data is simply the sign, symbols or characters without meaning where information means a processed data which have some meaning and value in its own. Bare accounts of assets, capitals, liabilities etc give no information and are just merely a data. However when this same things are arranged in a balance sheet form to give a financial position of a business it is called information. Information is a commodity that is versatile. It increase analytical skills and decisive power and guide the information towards efficiency of economy. In business one need different information to interpret the position of the business. Information is like lubricating oil that keeps the functioning of the business smooth. It is very important to make the information in the business up to date and the data processes is arrange in such a way to make it useful for the business. In order to get the precise information one needs to create the system in the company which let effective data flow and smooth functioning.

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What is the role of Suggestion in communication?

Another important aim of the communication is the suggestion. The suggestions are normally are upward in the nature and this is mainly because of the reason that these are actually the proposals that are given by the subordinates that are higher than them and also it indicates the change that is very essential for the procedure that already exists.

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What are the Effective Communication Parameters?

In this world of the excessive competition, the various type of the data and the research work that has come in to the lime light in the whole world, very clearly suggest that any individual never ever can move alone towards the light of the growth and the same can only be achieved if the work is done as a team and then the pattern of the growth takes place. So communication is the basic of the life at the personal level or at the work station. For every individual it is very necessary to transfer the information from the one end to the other as everything can not be done by the same individual as a whole and hence the work needs to be distributed and hence here comes the role of the communication. One must be open with every one to take the communication in the forward direction as the communication at every point in the life of an individual acts as the top priority. So it is very necessary to have such a positive environment for the individuals, so that they all can communicate between each other as by this only the informational transfer can take place. But the point that is very important to be followed here is that just communication is not enough as it needs to be done in the required refined way.

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