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In the today’s world one not only needs to be a hard worker but should always necessarily be a smart worker as well. No one can take the points from the hard worker, one should always be a hard worker as this will always pay in some form or the other but the result can be instant some times and at times the time taken can be more. But along with this, the scenario that is present in the world today is that the level of the competition in each and every level of the stream is very high and every one is very keen to go up and moving the others down and for this some can do any thing that is required of them. The first and the major part that comes before entering in to this world of the competition after the studies is that of having a very good and a very productive resume. This forms the very major policy of the smart working strategy. One’s resume is a very potent tool that has the power to land you an human resource call and then may be the dream job that you have been always waiting or dreaming for. These resume writing tips can always increase your chances of the securing the chance of a call of the inter view. The major part of the resume is that the applicant should be able to express him self that how he is the best one who is fitting in to the job.

A resume is actually a short account of a career of the person that can help in the demonstration as to how the applicant fits the various types of the requirements and the various types of the qualifications that the reader is really and actually in search of and is looking for. This means you can take the various types of the active steps in order to assist the recruiter in helping in to find the what ever he or she is actually looking for, there by leading to the increase in the no of the job inter views you are going o receive.

In all this part, the parameter of the marketing point of the view plays a very critical role as when one crafts a decent looking resume, one is not just trying to land an H R call but in fact the truth is that the one is actually increasing the no of the jobs inter views he or she will get and hence marketing your self in the front of the various types of the decision makers. It is very important that one is able to grab the attention of there attention and then retain the same that is essentially what is going to make them contact you for the H R inter view. As don good man, the national level career expert mentions that writing the compelling opening statement as well as a branding statement in your resume can land you in the perfect type of the job you are waiting for. You just need to add the W O W factor in this whole project that plays a very major role in presenting your self in front of the others and that too in a very quick motion of the time.


The so what method says that when ever you write some thing in your resume associate it to some advantage that you think you will be offering to the employer, simply then visualise the person who is reading your resume that keeps saying so what ?, To all of your claims. In this chapter the factor of the Brevity is the key. The people may simply scan it, read the bits of it or even look for the various types of the key words and the phrases in it. But no one is going to go through your resume from the beginning until the end of the resume, most of the key decision takers just don’t have the time, says a renowned career expert molisani. This is one more of the reason why the first page of the resume must indicate the that you have all that what the reader is actually in search of or looking for in order to decide who is worth calling for the first round of the H R inter view. If they don’t find what we are looking for on the very first page, it may confirm there presumption that you aren’t qualified, so they may just stop reading any further and hence you will get no call for the H R inter view. Inserting a summary of the skills on the cover page is a very good idea in order to get past the initial short listing.


One must be able to convey in the resume that what one is at present doing in his or her job i.e. what you actually do in your job is very much important than your fancy title of the job, make sure that you are not at all lost in the little game. Have some meat to your title of the job and then empty the titles as the empty titles are the best ones that can be avoided as they would get your resume on order to trash the bin faster than the any thing else. There after you can forget the chances of securing an H R inter view with the company for the at least couple of the months. Following some of these tips will surely increase the chances of securing the H R inter view call; an inert view call is just the beginning. Make very sure that you have your personal value proposition ready with the solid proof points to always back it up. There is no that in the saying that the experience always matters and this can only be achieved by working with time and like many other thing it can not be purchased from any where but in the type of the scenario that has been created today, no doubt the experience matters but not that much. A very common type of the scenario that is observed in the various types of the corporate is that they are trying to get rid of the experienced guys and the main reason for all this is that as the experience builds, the income pattern of the individual also builds on and there comes a such a point that in the same package, 2 to 3 employees can be hired and there are a lot of the things or the working conditions that are changing every day with the changing world and hence in such cases the experience does not matter that much. The corporate get rid of such employee and get at least 3 more employees and the company feels that this type of the pattern is much more valuable in the today’s world. Most of the companies today do the search for the professionals who have the past experience in doing the job and still better if they are currently in a similar type of the role. This will surely narrow down the potential of the pool of the applicant. The experts of the career recommend this approach, a good way in order to handle this type of the issue is to place a summary towards the top of the resume that helps in expressing that how the experience is the perfect type of the match for full filling the various types of the requirements of the job and then, put much less detail about what you have done I your last job and a lot more detail regarding the job where you did what they are actually looking for. This would certainly help you in order to differentiate your self and then get an early H R inter view call.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:October 8, 2017
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