What are the requirement and impact of Socio Economic Studies?

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A large number of attempts for understanding the socio economic status have been made but before this it is very critical to get in to the fact that why there is need for us and the entire world to under stand the relationship between the social factors and the economic factors that are acting up on the human being all the times. Intelligence among the students is always related to the physical standards and then further to the socio economic standards of the beings. The earliest attempts made at the measuring the intelligence focused attention on the physical aspects. Gall was the first who tried to measure the mental ability or the intelligence from the head. At the end of the 18th century he and his friend Spurzheim thought that the head was the index of the brain and the brain the index of the mind. Even before Gall, Lavater in 1772 came forward with his theory of the face and his theory basically revealed the man’s fighting qualities and these types of qualities are generally residing in his nose and other facial features. Intelligence of an individual is at a great level influenced by a large no of the multiple factors and in this the environment of the home or the working place plays a very important and a vital role and also In under standing the socio economic status and why there is requirement of having such studies. In India and also in the various countries and especially the western countries, there has consistently been a relation ship between the socio economic relation ship and the average level of the intelligence. It has been found that there are definite group differences in the levels of the intelligence and for under standing this, there comes the need of the requirement of the socio economic studies in day to day life. Research is not at all conclusive in the supporting of the relationship between the mental sides of the body because there are some positive co relations and some of these co relations are positive and some of them are very low and some of them are very in significant in the nature.

There have been some studies which have yielded results that are found to be reporting negative co relation and hence as a result of this there is a consistent and an urgent need to make way for the extended research efforts in this area. And in case of improper study, the impact of such a situation is that the educator or the mentor is not having proper full knowledge of the intelligence stands in the relation to the variables that In turn promote or at times hinder intelligence. The hypotheses assumed by the investigators in such a case is that there is a very strong relation ship between the intelligence and the physical measures and In turn these provide evidences that clearly show that there is a positive co relation between the intelligence and the socio economic status. Its impact is that there is a large difference between the high and the low intelligent student’s socio economic relationship.

The main purpose to why the study of this parameter Is necessary is that to find out as to how the intelligence is related to the physical measures and then in turn further to the socio economic status. The study is also necessary for under standing the critical ratio for high and the low intelligent boys socio economic status and for the high and also the low intelligent girls socio economic status as with the help of this study one is able to find out the significant differences in the socio economic status of the high and the low intelligent students. The studies conducted have revealed and impacted the society by the intelligence scores. The impact on the height scores, on the intelligence and the relationship among the adolescents, the impact on the co efficient of co relation between the height and the intelligence scores and its impact on the studies of the average intelligent students. Socio economic relationship studies are also based on the relation ship between the weight and the levels of the intelligence. Socio economic relationship studies are also based on the measurement of the chest to the measurement of the intelligence levels to the weight of the individuals. Intelligence is very widely distributed among all the students but it is very unfortunate that the students who are expected to be possessing the correct high level of the intelligence are found to be having in correct levels of the intelligence due to various factors like the poor guidance and the poor knowledge and the poor working and the living conditions. This would not have been the case if the schools or the teachers or the mentors or the; parents or the guardians have been guided and all these have had under stood the need for the study and also the ways it is and will be impacting in the near by future, so in any case the study of the socio economic factors of and individual and I turn further as a whole as a society is very critical. Every possible assurance should be given to finally aid the individual financially and so that the particular interests that come up gradually remain in tact and this can only be achieved by sincerely working in this regard like by taking some especial concrete steps like the arrangement of special classes for such students by the schools for increasing the moral and the confidence of the students but as a whole the most important thing is that these should be organised free of cost and certain meetings can be arranged that should also involve the parents and the teachers and the students of course like parent teacher associations or the meetings in which the parents should also to be guided so that they can learn things to improve themselves and there capabilities and which would help them to increase the capabilities of there children. Parents and the schools especially need to take full care of the children who are not that developed the socio economic relationship due to various circumstances and work should be done to cope with all these and provide better and improved living and working conditions to the children and this in turn will surely provide better and the positive results for the improvement in the socio economic relationship with proper and healthy physical fatigue and proper and sound mental thinking leading to a better thinking and a better living.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:September 14, 2017
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