What are the De-limitations of the Physical Mental Relationship

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Considering all the facts and the figures that were recovered from the various researches and data interpretation work carried on in India and also abroad, it was found that the investigator that was involved in the administration of the intelligence test and then after the statistical treatment of the intelligence scores, the same subjects had to be administered Kuppuswamy’s socio economic status scale and in this all the physical measures were to be taken. One thing that was very critical here was that in the matter of the studies the rural portion of the sectors was not at all missed. How ever it was found that the rural element was not at all ignored as the rural feeder schools were also included in the study. History reveals it self that the man learns from the experience of the others. Man always seeks the help and the guidance from his ancestors so it can be said that before laying the emphasis presently on the study going on, it is more critical and also essential to find out the field of the related studies and then further study and found conclusions about the de limitations of the physical health and the mental health and then In turn the relation ship between the physical health and the mental health. How ever how much creative the mind of the researcher may be he or she has to keep herself informed of all the researches that are being carried on in India or the western world or in any part of the full fledged world. If any scientist or the research worker is not able to do this or is not able to be in touch with the movements that are taking place in the world of the research in this regard, this alone will act as a very big limitation for the research being carried out on personal basis of the research and also on the large scale basis.

If any scientist or the research worker is able to take care of this factor, it has in the past and it will surely help the research workers or the scientists to avoid many pitfalls as it will surely contribute towards the broadening of her vision with regard to the present research problem. As it will surely helps in repeating of the sample of the work hence no duplication and hence as a result of this a large amount of the time and the energy and also the money will be saved. Recognising these facts the investigator will and should try to recognise the facts that the investigator tried to make a survey of the related literature in the relevant field and every possible effort was made by the investigator or the research worker to get in to the in depth analysis of the related studies. Practically it is said that all the human knowledge can be found in the books and the libraries but unlike the other animals that are forced to start a new book or a page with each generation, man builds up on the accumulated and recorded knowledge of the past and this is one of the major factors that has helped in limiting the limitations and hence lessening the wastage of the money and the time and also the energy. A large amount of the researches that have been carried out in India or the abroad, have mainly be carried on to find out how the intelligence is related to the physical measures and the socio economic status. But the delimitation here is that all the research work that was carried out was in the same type of the streams and hence research work that was going on was in a very limited type of an era and further the limitation was that the results that were obtained were quite different. That means that the research work that was carried on was quite similar but the results that were yielded were quite different and all this mainly was because of the different and the changing environment and the working conditions in which this type of the research work was carried on. One should review only those studies which are relevant to the present investigation as the focus should always in mind as to where to proceed and if any researcher follows this he or she can bring the cost of the research to a very minimal level also supported by the decrease in the wastage of the time and also the energy. Any scientist or the research worker should focus on the finding out of the co relation of the intelligence and the physical factors of the samples. Then further to determine the co relation of the intelligence with the height of the samples, then further to find out the co relation of the intelligence with the weight of the samples and then further to find out the relation ship of the intelligence with the chest measurement and then at the last but not the least find out the relation ship between the intelligence and the socio economic status of the students in a very streamed and planned manner and by taking all these factors in to the consideration the limitations of the research process can be checked and finally be controlled and the research work can be carried out with a very aim full way. And in this way the relationship between the intelligence and the physical parameters will come out to be with a strong positive co efficient with a minimal amount of the difference between the highly intelligent students and the low intelligent students and as a result of this affecting the socio economic stature of the children. Hence it should always be kept in mind that the limit of the study that is under the focus should always be limited to the concerned areas and not moving here and there and as a result of which the focus is diverted and the research work is affected and as a result of which the money and the time and ultimately the energy is wasted.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:September 14, 2017
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