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Following are the types of Interview methods widely used for data collection in Research Methodology

A. According to the formality
(a) Formal interview –
• Set of well defined questions are presented by the interviewer.
• Answers are noted down according to the given rules.

(b) Information interview –
• Full authority is with the interviewer for carrying out the needed alterations in the various questions.

B. According to number
(a) Personal interview –
• Single person is interviewed.
• Close personal contracts between the interviewer and the interviewee can be established.
• Uneconomical of time and money.
• Intimate and the personal aspects of the individual can be obtained.

(b) Group interview –
• Two or more persons are interviewed.
• Helps in gathering the routine information.
• Economical of time and money.
• Information obtained is very superficial in nature.


C. According to purpose
(a) Diagnostic interview –
• Helps in knowing the causes or the cause of a malady.
• Useful in the clinical psychology and also in the psychoanalysis.

(b) Treatment interview –
• On the diagnosis of the cause of the psychological malady further interviews are conducted.
• By these interviews, patient comes to know about his malady which may be due to the mental, complex or the faulty life style.

(c) Research interview –
• Helps to collect the data about a particular research problem.
• Questions to be asked during the interview are pre determined.

(d) Interviews to fulfill curiosity –
• Used to satisfy some of the questions that are lurking in the mind of a scientist.

D. According to the period of contact
(a) Short contact interview
• Helps in filling up the schedules, tables etc.
• A short duration of such an interview is sufficient.

(b) Prolonged contact interview –
• In contact with research by schedule, the case history method needs prolonged interviews.

E. According to subject manner –
(a) Qualitative interview –
• Involve non quantifiable subject matter.
• For e.g. interviews held for the case studies.

(b) Quantitative interview –
• Certain facts for a large number of persons are gathered.
• For e.g. census interviews.

(c) Mixed interview –
• Both routine and specialized data is sought.
• Some of it may be quantifiable while some of it may be non quantifiable.


F. According to role –
(a) Non – Directive interview
• Also called free or unstructured interview.
• Interviewer has no control over things in such an interview.
• Interviewer provides no direction.
• Interviewer has no predetermined set of questions for asking.
• The informant is free to explain or tell his experience.

(b) Focused interview –
• Focuses attention on the given experience of the respondent and its effects.
• Interviewer knows in advance about the aspects of the question he has to cover.
• Used in the development of the hypothesis.

(c) Repeated interview –
• Helps in understanding the development of the processes.
• Helps in knowing the aspects affecting the behavior pattern.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:August 17, 2010
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