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Introduction and Meaning
The collection of the meaningful data, that is able to work as information at a certain stage of research methodology is a necessity in today’s marketing oriented competitive world. For this purpose large number of methods or techniques are available but verbal method is used very commonly for the collection of the data is the “Interview method”.

According to Vivien Palmar, “the interview constitutes a social situation between the two persons, the psychological process involved requiring both the individuals mutually respond through the social research. The purpose of the interview calls for a varied response from the two parties concerned”.

This method acts as a very vital tool for the collection of the data in the social research as it is all about the direct systematic conversation between an interviewer and the respondent. By this the interviewer is able to get relevant information for a particular research problem.

Objectives of Interview
1. Collecting the data – both extensively and intensively.
2. Exchanging the data and also the experiences.


Advantages of the interview method
1. Very good technique for getting the information about the complex, emotionally laden subjects.
2. Can be easily adapted to the ability of the person being interviewed.
3. Yields a good percentage of returns.
4. Yields perfect sample of the general population.
5. Data collected by this method is likely to be more correct compared to the other methods that are used for the data collection.

Disadvantages of the interview method
1. Time consuming process.
2. Involves high cost.
3. Requires highly skilled interviewer.
4. Requires more energy.
5. May sometimes involve systematic errors.
6. More confusing and a very complicated method.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:August 17, 2010
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