What are the steps in research design?

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Following are the steps in research design:

1. The Problem – The first step involves the proper selection and then carefully defining the problem. By this researcher will be enabled to know about what he has to search, but it should be kept in mind that the problems selected should not be unmanageable in nature and also should not be based on the desires.

2. Objective of the study – The objective should be very clear in the mind of the researcher as this will lead to the clarity of the design and proper response from the respondents.

3. Nature of the study – The research design should be very much in relation with the nature of the study, which is to be carried out.

4. Data sources – The various sources of the data or the information should be very clearly stated by the researcher.

5. Techniques of data collection – For the collection of the required information, it sometimes becomes very necessary to use some especial techniques.

6. Social cultural context – Research design based on the social cultural concept is prepared in order to avoid the various study variations.

7. Geographical limit – This step becomes a necessity at this point of time as with the help of this step, research linked to the hypothesis applies only to certain number of social groups.

8. Basis of selection – Selecting a proper sample acts as a very important and critical step and this is done with the help of some mechanics like drawing a random stratified, deliberate, double cluster or quota sample etc.

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Article Published:August 11, 2010
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