What is Delegation?

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Delegation means assigning some work to others and also giving them the authority to perform that task. It involves the granting of the right of decision making in some identified areas and also giving the responsibility of the completion of the task to a subordinate. As in this process a superior delegates a part of his authority to a subordinate he can not delegate the authority which he himself doesn’t have. The subordinate is expected to work within the limitations that were put at the time of delegations. Delegation could be written or implied, specific or general or formal or informal. It helps in reducing the work load of the manager as they can delegate some of their work to others. It also helps in improving motivation, morale, and the job satisfaction of the subordinates. It also enables a manager to utilize the specialized knowledge and experience of a subordinate.

The process of delegations involves the determination of accepted results and the assignments of duties to the subordinates. The authority to perform these duties is also given to the subordinates so that they can take decisions and use the available resources. The subordinates to whom the authority is delegated are also made accountable for the performance of these duties.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:November 16, 2011
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