What are the Sources acting as the guide for the planning?

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Sources acting as the guide for the planning are:-

1. Navigational tool

a. Planning acts as the navigational tool for the management of the organization.
b. Management has the responsibility of navigating towards an objective.
c. Management has to arrange detours on its way to the objectives.
d. Planning helps a lot in the navigation.

2. Performance standard

a. Establishing the performance standards is very much necessary.
b. Without the planning, the controlling becomes very difficult in the nature.
c. Performance standards are set by the planning in terms of the achievement.
d. The plan acts as the control document.

3. Tool to establish the synergy

a. With the help of the planning, the activities become more organized in the nature.
b. The group activity can be made functional with the help of the planning.
c. Planning should be based on the people.
d. Planning establishes the synergy within a group.

4. Tool to define the jobs

a. The role and the description of the job of everyone can be understood with the help of the further planning.
b. Planning makes job meaningful to everyone.

5. Bridge to gap the present with the future

a. Planning must bridge the gap that is present between the present and the future.

6. Method to evaluate the activities

a. The activities of the tomorrow can be evaluated in the terms of those today, with the help of the planning.
b. Planning is actually the building of today for a better tomorrow.

7. Implementing tool for the SWOT

a. With the help of the planning, the SWOT analysis is able to spell out the organizational strengths and the weaknesses and then the opportunities and the threats available.
b. The internal situation is combined with the external one all the time.
c. One is able to think beyond the organization.
d. The situation can be studied within which an organization is growing.

8. Link with business

a. Organization is linked with the business objectives with the help of the planning.
b. This acts as the organizational tool for doing the business.

9. Opportunity to develop the consistency

a. Various new techniques can be established with the help of the planning.
b. These techniques help a great deal in building the organizational efficiency.
c. Helps in improving the consistency of the management thoughts and also its effectiveness.

10. Result orientation

a. Planning makes the management implementation oriented in the nature.
b. Serves the raison d’être of the management.

11. Flexibility

a. Planning should be made flexible in the nature.
b. By this, the changes that occur in the internal and the external environment can be absorbed.

12. Method to enable the resource planning

a. The resources act as the single most constraint in the planning.
b. Planning is done on the basis of the resources that are available.
c. Planning should be lopsided, as with the help of this, very well oriented results can be obtained.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:May 30, 2011
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