What are the Objectives And Functions of Production Planning and Control?

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Production planning is an activity that is performed before the actual production process takes place. It involves determining the schedule of production, sequence of operations, economic batch quantities, and also the dispatching priorities for sequencing of jobs.

Production control is mainly involved in implementing production schedules and is the corollary to short-term production planning or scheduling. Production control includes initiating production, dispatching items, progressing and then finally reporting back to production planning. In general terms, production planning means planning of the work to be done later and production control refers to working out or the implementation of the plan.

Objectives of production planning and control –
1. To plan production facilities in the best possible manner along with the proper systematic planning of production activities.

2. Providing men, machines, materials etc. of right quality, quantity and also providing them at the right time forms a very important factor.

3. To inform, about the difficulties or the various awkward positions expected to crop up later, to the management beforehand.


Production planning functions are hierarchic, having different time horizons i.e. the time period for some of the functions is in years, while for some of the functions, it is in weeks or days—so the functions of production planning and control can be summarized into two categories, which are as follows
1. Regular functions – Involves order preparation, process planning or routing concerns, fixation of method of manufacture, scheduling, dispatching, progressing, expediting etc.

2. Optimal functions – Involves cost estimation, work measurement, subcontracting, capacity planning and demand forecasting etc.

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Article Published:July 22, 2010
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