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Contemporary approaches to MIS
When an information system is being developed, much importance should be given to the structure of the organization, culture of the organization, etc. But along with these, especial attention should also be given to the technical side of MIS. The various contemporary approaches to MIS development can be summarized as

1. The Technical Approach
a) Based on the mathematical and the normative models.
b) Physical technology forms the back bone of such an approach.
c) Such an approach mainly finds much needed contributions from the disciplines like computer science, management science, operations research etc.

2. The Behavioral Approach
a) Based on the impact of the behavior and also on the response of the people in the organization.
b) Motivational Feasibility forms a very important and demanding part of such an approach towards MIS development.


3. The Socio Technical Approach
a) In the beginning, this approach was finding it hard to survive – but now it is being accepted worldwide and is also being implemented at a very large scale.
b) Involves key involvement of both of the above explained approaches.
c) Improves the performance of the information system as a whole.


Porter Millar postulates
Porter and Millar were the ones, who explained the affect of the information technology on the competition. According to them information technology is affecting competition in the following ways:
a) Causes changes in the structure of the industry and as a result of this, rule of competitions are altered.
b) Spawning of the whole new business takes place, and in much of the cases – it is caused from within the company’s existing operations.
c) Competitive advantage is created usually because of the new ways; the companies get to outperform their rivals.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:July 27, 2010
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