What are Group Decision Support Systems? What are its Components and Features?

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The Decision Support System has been designed in such a way that it can be used conveniently by the individual decision maker but the decision makers need to work in groups. So this Decision Support System does not suit such a process which has given way for the development of the group Decision Support System, which provides with the following advantages over the Decision Support System

1. Better comprehensive consideration of the problems and the various relating issues.
2. Better group understanding of the problem.
3. Less likelihood of quibbling with the help of the 20/20 hindsight.
4. Better group commitment to the decision.
5. Better communication to/with the implementers.

Group Decision Support System according to De Sanctis and Gallupe is “an interactive computer based system, which helps in solving the various un-structured problems with the help of the decision makers working in the groups.

Basic components of the Group Decision Support System
1. Hardware

i. Input / output devices.
ii. Audio visual instruments.
iii. Electronic display board/ screens.
iv. Computer equipments.
v. Conferencing infrastructure.
vi. Network systems.

2. Software
i. Database and database management system.
ii. Modeling capabilities.
iii. Dialogue management with multiple user access.
iv. Specialized application programmes to facilitate the group access.

3. People and the procedure
i. Trained facilitators.
ii. Decision making participants.
iii. Support staff.
iv. Laid down procedure.
v. Modus operandi.

Features of the Group Decision Support System
1. Very much similar to the Decision Support System.
2. Is a group decision facilitator.
3. Extension or expansion of the Decision Support System.
4. Helps in concentrating on the merits of the input without considering about the fact that who gave it.
5. Enables every group member to address the issues.
6. Automated record keeping plays a critical support for the future review and the analysis.

Group Decision Support System success depends on the following factors
1. Improved pre planning.
2. Increased participation.
3. Open, collaborative meeting atmosphere.
4. Criticism free idea generation.
5. Idea organization and then evaluation.
6. Setting priorities.
7. Making decisions depending on the priorities.
8. Documentation.
9. Record keeping of the meetings.
10. Access to the external information.
11. Preservation of the ‘organization memory’.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:June 15, 2013
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