What is the Economic Environment of Business?

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Economic Environment refers to all those economic factors, which have a bearing on the functioning of a business. Business depends on the economic environment for all the needed inputs. It also depends on the economic environment to sell the finished goods. Naturally, the dependence of business on the economic environment is total and is not surprising because, as it is rightly said, business is one unit of the total economy.

Economic environment influences the business to a great extent. It refers to all those economic factors which affect the functioning of a business unit. Dependence of business on economic environment is total — i.e. for input and also to sell the finished goods. Trained economists supplying the Macro economic forecast and research are found in major companies in manufacturing, commerce and finance which prove the importance of economic environment in business. The following factors constitute economic environment of business:

(a) Economic system
(b) Economic planning
(c) Industry
(d) Agriculture
(e) Infrastructure
(f) Financial & fiscal sectors
(g) Removal of regional imbalances
(h) Price & distribution controls
(i) Economic reforms
(j) Human resource and
(k) Per capita income and national income

The state became the encourager of savings and also an important investor and the owner of capital. Since the state was to be the primary agent of economic change, it followed that private sector activities had to be strictly regulated and controlled to conform to the objectives of state policy.

The growth strategy also meant, in the early years of planning, a relative neglect of public investments in agriculture. This negligence of agriculture sector was supported by the general view that the increase labour in the developing countries could only be absorbed in the industry, and that during the early stages of industrialization, it was necessary for agriculture to contribute in the establishment of modern industry by offering inexpensive work force. A faster development of industry was the central objective of planning. The above is a thumbnail sketch of the growth strategy followed by the planners in the past four decades.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 17, 2012
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