What is the role of Counselling in Communication

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The counselling forms one of the major aspects or the objectives of the communication as it appears to be a part or to be like the advice but that is not the case as the counselling is some what with a particular professional touch by an individual who is having the possession of the vast type of the knowledge as well as the skills in that particular field. It helps a lot for the individuals who are facing a lot of the problems at the personal as well as at the job and as a result of this there entire disturbance has a diverse affect on the productivity and ultimately the performance of the individual on the work. But with the help of the counselling the emotions and pains can be shared and as a result of this there occurs the release of the tension.

With the help of the counselling, the physical as well as the mental health can be regained as it helps a lot in the restoration of the harmony as well as the happiness. It is very necessary to prepare one self by taking into the consideration the problem that is being faced by the individual as it will play a very urgent role in making the correct type of the suggestion that is required at that particular time depending on the various types of the circumstances that actually exist at that particular time. One should talk friendly by the illustration of the sincerity of the interest in the welfare of the individual. it is very necessary and vital to make an individual understand that the counselling is not at all for blaming him or her but on the other hand the whole process of the counselling is very important as this will help a lot to positively solve the various types of the problems that may be present in the life of an individual. he or she should must be taken in the confidence that the various details of the counselling will surely be kept secret and much of the time must be given to him that will allow him to talk more and as a result of all this he or she will be encouraged to move ahead in the life softly as well as compassionately.


It is very necessary to try to understand his problems and collect all the type of the information by talking to him and then move on to the identification of the real problem. The explanation of the right and the wrong should be made to improve the alarming situation and also he should be suggested the some of the ways that will help a lot to over come that particular problem and the solution should be given for coming out of that particular problem. On the other side it is also very vital to get the feedback about his or her performance on the regular basis from his closed ones so that the improvement level by the counselling can be judged in a much better way.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 13, 2018
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