What is the importance of Education in an organisation?

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Education acts as the most critical and the vital objective of the communication. The bottom line of the working in this whole world is that the process of the learning must continue at any cost irrespective of the position in the hierarchy. This is the reason all the organisations or the firms from the time to time impart education about the various things to the already recruited employees or to the newly recruited employees. Every firm or the organisation works according to the set rules and the regulations and from time to time, these things keep on changing as well and hence as a result of this it is very necessary to always be updated with these things. A large amount of the research work is being carried out in the whole world on all most everything and everyday some new things keep on touching the world, so in order to be with power with the developing science and the technology, the employees need to be trained and imparted with education of the same.

This step of imparting education is very critical as as an individual and as a whole as a firm or the organisation, one learns from the existing processes and the various phenomenon’s of the working and after underlining the gaps that may exist, these may be changed towards the betterment and hence these all things need to be informed to the employees as well. With the imparting of the education, the gap of the knowledge in the employees can be filled and the performance level with the basic key factors of the accuracy, efficiency, higher economy accompanied by the effectiveness can be increased and improved a lot. Another reason why the education is important involves the fact that if the employee will be suitably knowing about the product then only he or she can tell or guide other colleagues about the same and then only can tell the customers about the product and can answer to the various types of the queries that are raised by the customers regarding the product. Due to all these reasons, the communication raises itself to the level that says that the communication is very imperative and indispensable in the nature.


As a result of the globalisation in the whole world at a very large extent, things need to be in the place very tightly and to be honest there is no place for any type of the looseness in the working. The waves of the liberalisation are flowing and controlling the atmosphere of the working and making no type of the tolerance for any type of the incompetence and the inefficiency. Imparting the education to the staff of the company has become a true duty for the company as it reflects in the productivity and the sales and the marketing parameters of an employee working for that particular organisation. In the present scenario of the huge amount of the competition in this world, every organisation or the firm tends to move in the forward direction and educating its employees has become the top priority for all the companies and as a result of these, a long training programme is organised by the company for the employees who have been freshly recruited and this is mainly done to tell the employee that how the things move in the particular organisation, which the individual has joined as some things may be different from the past organisation from where they are actually coming. Also the individuals who are literally the freshers means are in to there first job, are made to go through the special type of the training programmes designed specially for the freshers as these type of the programmes are focusing on how to motivate an individual so that he moves towards the working scenario in his life with a large amount of the energy and the will to do something in the life.


There are a lot of the educating programmes offering the various relevant types of the courses but they are very expensive and the companies, specially the small scale and the medium scale companies are not at all in the position to impart education to there staff from all such institutions and as a result of these hire special teachers who impart education to the employees of the company from time to time in the special programmes ranging from 1 day to even a month or more. These types of the courses can be conducted at a relatively much lesser cost and also by not disturbing the strength of the employees in the company at a very large scale. Apart from this there is also a huge amount of the need to impart the education to the public as well and all this can be done with the help of the mass communication media that includes the radio, television, newspapers and many more. With the help of all these instruments, the organisation or the company can tell the public of the various types of the services and the products that the company is actually offering and also includes the various types of the utilities and the various benefits of the products of the companies, involving the various types of the specialities of the various brands and the various new products that are coming up from time to time, the various types if the offers or the discounts that are going on presently on the products or may be coming up in the future, are and can be delivered to the public from time to time. So the education forms a very necessary and an important part of the communication and actually there is no survival of an individual in the company and also no survival for the company in the corporate world without the education as without this, the presence cannot be felt and expressed in this world and the growth of the company becomes stunted in the nature, leading to the difficulties in the survival in the large amount of the competition that is existent in the world.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 13, 2018
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