What is Motivation in terms of communication?

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The motivation acts as the one of the major objectives of the communication as tit has the power to channelise the inner emerging desires or urges of a man that prompts him to act and work and ultimately allows him to excel the various organizational goals. At every stage of the hierarchy, at every profile or designation the motivation has a role to play in one form or the other. At the initial level of the executives or the clerical profile one needs to motivate him and the others to do the work that is assigned to him and all the concerned colleagues working as the team. As one moves higher in the hierarchy the role keeps on changing. Here comes the role of motivation at the bigger stage with more number of employees working along with him and also under his guidance. One needs to motivate self and try to set an example to the other colleagues so that he shows that he posses some of the qualities that others can always try to learn.

The manager has a role to motivate his employees so that they keep on working with the divine qualities moving towards the direction that vision shows of the organizational goal. One needs to continuously act as a guide that is always ready to help others in order to discover and then satisfy the inner urges to succeed at the personal level as well as at the job. But one point that needs to be understood here is that the manager position at the platform of the motivation differs from the position of the manager in the case of the order or the persuasion. As here he or she acts like a one who is a sage on the stage. One need to motivate the employees but there are some points that one needs to take care of as there can be times when the leader tries to motivate his team but can be misunderstood by some of the members of the team. This difference in the understanding is mainly because of the reason that every individual although he is an employee in the company, has some needs psychologically as well as physically. The general basic need that includes shelter, food and the clothing forms the part of the physical needs. The psychological needs involve the status, self esteem, belongingness and self actualisation. Now here comes the role of the manager where he should show the behavioral growth by understanding the needs of the employees and then working towards fulfilling all these needs.


The motivation helps to work with faster pace as compared to the non motivated staff of any organization. If the employees start feeling themselves as a part of the organization and if the employees are identified with the organization it clearly signals towards the fact that the manager is doing his job well and can assure himself and the higher management that the achievement of the goal for the team that has been set according to the vision of the company is near to being achieved. It is very necessary to cultivate harmonious relations and very healthy relations between the employees at work. Motivation can spread its wings only in the atmosphere where there is presence of the trust friendly relationships, understanding and feelings like resentment and confrontation are not at all there. Motivation also helps to maintain the mutual understanding. The employees needs to be encouraged to actively take part in the process of the decision making as with this they will be able to feel themselves to be a very critical and important part of the company. With the help of all this the management moves towards earning the confidence and the corporation of the employees. The various organization works on a particular set of the rule and regulations set according to the vision of the company and for the achievement of the goals of the vision the planning is done. One major things that is very important here is that every employee of the organization must be clarified with the target and the various tasks in very solid concrete terms. All this should be done in a particular way that promotes the feeling and sense of pride and the feeling of the responsibility among the employees. The leadership should not be given to the employees under any pressure and should be very genuine and honest so that the thorough examples of the leaders can come into the limelight.


Motivation helps to make the mutual understanding between higher and the lower staff. The motivated staff can give more efficient work rather than unmotivated one. It can lead to a happy system of the organization as it could induce the positive vibes in the employees of the organization. The motivation level is needed to be kept up to the level in order to keep the organization going well. There is utter need for this kind of quality in each and everyone in any kind of organization. One needs to be prepared for the worst and at the same time keep hoping for the worst. The best thing one can do for the working staffs of its organization is to keep them motivated. One of the best methods of keeping the motivation is to keep appraising the staff. The appraisals keep the staff motivated and let them work more efficiently. It’s the job of management committee to keep the staff motivated. It should be the priority of the higher authority to keep the spirits of its staff high. Rather than being strict in a negative way one needs to be compromising in order to extract work from the employees. The staffs of any organization lead to the betterment of the organization if they are kept happy and motivated. There should be particular and proper way of letting an organization do its job in a better way. The order of the system is run smoothly by this function. The people who are motivated are necessarily the backbone of the organization.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 13, 2018
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