What is an Order? What is its importance in Official Communication

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The directions that are given by the management to the subordinates in a formal and the authoritative way that specifies to do or to stop from doing some course of the action, is actually referred to as an order. It is very important and vital to issue the required orders in order to complete any type of the task in the firm or the company without taking in to the consideration the nature and the size of that particular organisation. The communication in case of the orders is always downward as it actually flows from the management to the subordinate. The orders can be oral or written. There are some of the conditions that are applied whether the various orders issued will be written or oral.

The various circumstances in which it is necessary to give the responsibility and then maintain the record, it is very necessary to issue the written orders. In the case when the person is located far away in the location that is very remote and also the communication is not at all possible with the help of the telephone, in that case also the form of the orders will be the written ones. It is also wasteful to issue the oral orders for the job that is of the repetitive nature; here also the written orders are taken in the use. Another situation in which the written orders are used is when the directions are to be issued in the specific or the various special forms. On the other hand, when the both of the lower and the higher authorities can have the face to face communication, they can make use of the oral orders. It is very important to issue the orders orally inn the case of the task has to be accomplished in a very short span of the time. When the record keeping of the orders are not at all imperative, the oral orders are very much sufficient to be issued. These kinds of the orders can work very successfully when the relationship between the higher and the lower authority is of the great loyalty and the interest.


In this way both the oral and the written orders have there own importance but however both the kind of the orders can not be denied as it is actually issued by the higher authority, the subordinates have no power to refuse to follow them. In the case of the government departments it is very necessary to maintain an order book that helps in the maintenance of the records of all the orders that are issued by the various higher authorities to the operational staff in that organisation. It is very important and also very vital to keep the language of the order very simple and also very straight, mainly because of the reason that in any of the case if the language of the orders is not understood by the receiver, the state of the confusion will always prevail. This all will surely result in defeating the whole purpose of the order. The order needs to be very clear and also very complete by which the reader actually can understand what is actually expected by the various higher authorities by him exactly. The possibility of the execution of the order should be kept in the mind. However, if there are certain types of the difficulties while accomplishing that particular order, the higher authority need to overcome that specific difficulty with the detailed set of the instructions.


The tone of the order should be very positive so that it can avoid the production of the resentment in the mind of the receiver. The very harsh tone does not let the receiver work with the positive approach and hence the negativity will be induced in the execution of the orders. As a result of all this it becomes very important to make the appraisals on the completion of the order. It is very vital and important to give active feedback and that too at the very proper time just in order to encourage and also motivate the staff of the organisation. The various awards system actually brings a very positive impact in the mind of the subordinates and they are further encouraged to give their 100 per cent for the next time too. By keeping all these points in the mind, the orders can be actually made effective. These were the few things that the management should keep in the mind while issuing any kind of the order to its subordinate. The order is always internal in the nature and the downward communication, so it should always keep in the mind the nature and the state of the subordinates of that particular organisation. The orders should be taken very seriously and should never be denied. It is not necessary to issue the order in the same manner. It can be written or oral depending upon the situation of the organization. One can make the orders oral also if there is mutual understanding among the subordinate and the higher authority.


It is also important to let those orders be executed in proper way. One should not take the orders lightly. If the orders once not taken seriously it could lead to the improper functioning of the orders. There is dire need of taking serious action in case of issuing the order and until its completion. The orders issued not be harsh in tone as it leads to the negative approach of the higher authorities. Once orders are issued it is the duty of higher authority to take care of it while they are accomplished completely or not. The orders are not issued to produce rage among the subordinate. it should be of soft nature and let them make the positive effect in the min d of the executors. Orders are needed to be executed properly so that the functioning of the organization is smooth. The orders are the essential part of any organization that let both the levels i.e. higher and lower level to work with mutual understanding. Appraisal lets the lower authorities to inspire them for working more effectively.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:February 13, 2018
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