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Before moving ahead and understanding the importance of the communication in the life of the individual at the personal level as well as the corporate level, it is very necessary to understand and have an in depth analysis of the difference between the life with the poor communication skills and the life with the good communication skills and all that what the life that can achieve with the very best of the communication skills. The skills of the communication act as an essential tool to the business or in other words can be said that these act as the blood to the human body. Much more added importance can be achieved with the enhancement of the complexities of the operations of the business accompanied by the competition that is prevalent in the present world. In the absence of the effective communication the company or the firm will not be able to perform at its best level as the management of the company will not be able to discharge the functions in a smooth way and as a result of all these the business of the company or the firm will be reduced and at times may be reduced to a standstill. In a effective business the communication has a very large role to play as it helps in the efficient disciplined working of the business, keeping an eye on the communication failures with the focus on the innovations, anticipation, planning followed by the steps of organizing. Effective communication has so much of the power that it can motivate others towards the development of the individual and as whole of the whole company. Effective communication helps in controlling and building human relationships with zero defect marketing and high quality services. It leads to the achievements of the job satisfaction and enrichment by maintaining the much needed maintenance of the relations with the external parties by making space for very effective strategic management.

Communication plays a very political role for smooth and successful conduct of an enterprise. It is with the help of this type of the communication that a very suitable and a healthy environment is brought into being that helps in conveying the organizational policies and the goals to the employees of the company or the firm. It also helps in the nourishment of the various resources for accomplishment of the coordination between various employees of the firm or company. It is only because of the good and effective communication that an understanding environment is in place that is very essential for the streamline movement of the work of a organization and in the case where communication is not that effective the scene is exactly the opposite. So in the other words for the business of the company to be working in a very efficient manner the communication skills need to be at the highest of the levels, only then the survival of the employees in the firm is possible and only then the survival of the firm in the market is possible.


Any type of the gap in the communication can at times in an organization proof to be very costly in the nature. They can result directly in the production stoppage followed by the loss of the working hours and in turn lead to the creation of the ill will and the low morale between the company employees, all these factors directly or indirectly have the effect on the production as it directly connected to the productivity of the employees. Not depending on the size of the company, any type of the company or firm that is willing to survive even in the excessive competition that is prevalent in the world, need to afford communication. The various type of the research work that has been conducted worldwide including India clearly supports the fact that whole process of communication is very much dependent on the managerial function and responsibility that have been assigned to the respective employee of the company and the firm. It serves as a Greece in the smoothening of the various managerial processes of the company. With the help of the communication the company gets the support in the management to assign various functions to the various employees at the different times. The necessary role of management is to enhance the future of their prospects with respect of social, political and economic and also increase their effect on the company. In the times of rapid technology any company have to learn and move with faster pace continuously. Communication skills are of very important role once we need to spread any kind of information.

The innovation in this field is required to the greater extent as it is the most important factor needed for this process. Planning the things before moving ahead in any type of work is necessary in order to carry out the process smoothly within the stipulated period of the times. Further these plans needs to be discussed among the employees of the company. Communication here again is important. Skills of communication need to be strong for this purpose. In order to decide the things deeply organization needs to set different departments. These departments let smooth functioning of the department as the different types of channels are needed to move with coordination. After this comes the process that involves leading from the front, directing and keeping the staff motivated, the whole process here involves the employee or employees who have been assigned the managerial responsibility who have comes in front to take the team towards the development by assigning the various types of roles to them and also to get the maximum output from these employees by keeping them motivated with very good sense to will to work. The role of a leader involves the influence on the behaviour of the subordinate that the employees accept the manager in the form of their leader. Without the presence of effective communication in such a scenario it is very difficult for the manager to leave an influential mark on the subordinate as the manager will not be able to connect with the employees. To build this type of the connection its very critical and also very vital in the nature as with the help of this connection a trustful environment comes into the existence that leads to better cooperation and understanding between the employees and between the employee and manager. But all this is possible with the help of effective communication. As the part of job for manager, it is necessary for him or her to come up with the required instructions or the orders depending on the various requirements and suggestions or opinion of the subordinates. With the help of effective communication one is able to direct the function of the management as and when he or she feels that there has been existence of any type of frustration or friction in between the employees. Now here comes the very important role of the manager that underlines his or her responsibility to bring them to employees, keep them motivated and whenever there is any type of concern in between the employee he needs to understand the needs of employees and by motivating all them all needs to keep moving in the direction of goals that has been set up by the organization according to the vision of the organization. The communication plays a very important role in the control of the various types of the activities that are taking place in the various departments and segments of the company as with this the total performance that is very much comparable on the planning that is done , depending on which various actions are taken. There is a provision for giving and accepting any type of the feedback that is given by the subordinate and at times this feedback plays a very critical and vital role in the progress of the company as with the help of this feedback the company was able to work on various gaps that exist and hence various corrective actions can be taken after the communication regarding t\his passed on by the company to manager and finally to the worker. Healthy relations at the work stations play a very important role in the growth and development of the company as it leads to industrial prosperity and peace. But for long term growth and development it is required to have excellent working condition and in all this the communication between the workers and the management of the organization has very key role to play. With the help of the effective communication it is very much possible for the management to pass on the expectation to the workers and the result of all this is that the worker has always have idea what is expected out of them and how they need to work and in which direction. This plays a positive point for management as by this the company can work out on various grievances and the suggestions that come in front of the management. Hence it can be said the communication should not be blocked at point of time as one way communication will at one point or other choke the whole system as this helps in the integration of organization starting from top to bottom and vice versa and also from side to side. In the total quality organization communication has very enhanced role to play. It is because there are different type of department with different specialist that are having different assumptions and beliefs. The total quality organization involves the teams that are cross functional in the nature. One of the major strategies of total quality management involves that is continuous in the nature with various types of the organization with the chose results.


In the present scenario that is existing in the market that is aiming at marketing with defects and emphasizing a lot on quality services that need to be delivered to the respective customers. For the products that come into the existence to be zero defective in the nature with a very good quality service the major requirement that underlines the whole process is the rule of communication with its various customers. It is very necessary for the company to have proper communication with the dealers and the staff of the sales and needs to have a very patient approach towards the expectations and response of the various customers. As whenever there is increase in the sale , the adaptation in the production can be made as and when required. When the communication is not at the level that is required at the work station, a large number of misunderstandings and illusions tend to occur among the various executives and the employees in such a situation defensive behaviour among the employees and executives becomes a very common scene that leads to lower job satisfaction because of low morale of the employees that ultimately leads to the effect on the level of the productivity. But all this can overcome with help of effective skills of communication as with the help of this the various misunderstanding and the illusions can be overcome between the people who are working together. The cooperation level rises with all this leading to the enhancement of the job satisfaction and the quality of the life. The effective communication helps in the maintenance of the relations with the various external parties as communication is required not only for continuous working of the company or a firm but also have key role to play in maintenance of relation between customer, creditors, research institute and many more. In the present scenario where globalisation is continuously spreading its wings here information technology is at its very advanced stage effective communication becomes an indispensable and necessary tool.

Strategic management comprises the decisions and actions for implementing the course of strategies at the time of performance. In the modern times of Darwinism the main point that leads to the survival of the high competition the limits set are high to meet. There is requirement of free and flawless communication between all groups like from bottom level of employees to the top management group at the managerial level. For the existence of the organization there is vital need of the communication. \when the communication stops the organizational activities in a particular organization also stops. In order to keep going the organization the communication level should be at its peak. Only the active organizations are those which are successful in keeping the communication in their firm or organization at its peak. It is of very important role to develop the system in order to maintain the flow easy going in any organization. Communication can be of various types once discussed. It is the way of exchanging ideas with one other and there are many forms of it. One group of communication is one way and two way communication. One way communication is that in which there is no feedback to be obtained for the communication that has taken place between the two parties. Role of sender is not interdependent rather it isolated from each other. In this sender sends the message without caring the meaning that is taken by the receiver. The television, newspaper and radio are the few example of the one way communication. In this sender is not responsible for the message conveyed through its form. The accuracy level with which message has been conveyed is dependent on the person taking that message and its intellectual power. Two way communications is more effective as it involves the feedback from the receiver. It involves the better understanding in the message conveyed as the sender is there to confirm the things understood by the receiver and hence corrects him if message conveyed has gone wrong. It involves the better communication and mutual understanding in the process. The next group of communication is verbal and non verbal communication. Communication can be through words or by movement of body part or body language. Verbal communication is through the written or oral form like that in the case of the letters, mails, memos, cards, reports etc. and also with oral communication like talking on telephones, face to face talking or by video conferencing. Non verbal communication involves communication other than written ways or oral ways. They include the facial expressions, body language and body postures. 65 per cent of communication that human do in their daily life is with the help of non verbal communication, it includes the body language rather than the written form. Oral is also commonly used way of communication. Next comes the formal and informal ways of communication. Formal communication is the way in which communication is based upon the hierarchy, accountability and authority. It is used in companies, departments and official matters. It is used to bring uniformity. It is also of different types like downward, upward and lateral. Informal communication is used in daily routines and day to day work with friends, relatives and at the homes etc.


The communication at the Intra personal and the Inter personal level tend to play a very important role in the basic environment at the personal level as well as at the corporate level. The communication that takes place between 2 or more of the persons is generally referred to as the Inter personal communication. But the other side if the coin refers to the type of the communication that takes place between the mind of a person and because of this reason this type of the communication is generally referred to as the internal form of the dialogue. During this type of the communication when ever the message is not clear or is in the vague form or in the confused structure, it signals that the mind of that particular individual is not in a stable form and may be the mind is in trouble or any other type of the turmoil. But the mind should be very still and also very silent, then only the internal dialogue that will take place will be clear and the broad and the wide perception will be achieved for an individual then only. The communication that takes place must be very effective in the nature so that it can have the required desired result and all this can be achieved only then when the intra personal communication that takes place must be very clear in the nature. So in the other words it can be said that the mind of an individual must be clear and fresh and very focused in order to have an alarming effect on the situation as by this only one will have a very lively and an in depth analysis about the message that actually takes place in the conscious and also in the unconscious state of the mind. So the communication must be very clear and accurate with all those ingredients that are required for the receiver to have an in depth analysis of the information that is actually transferred from the sender to the receiver. It is very necessary to communicate the information from one end to the other as by this only one is able to communicate as when and what is required from the other end according to the vision that is set by the organisation. By the transfer of the information one is able to shift the various types of the views, beliefs, planning, vision from one end to the other and this movement of the information form the one end to the other is very critical and essential in order to keep the team in the united state and to work and also move as a team towards the direction of the growth as then only the planned things can be achieved as the various research work that has been conducted in India as well in the whole remaining world, very clearly suggest that the growth can take place if the things are done in a very planned manner as a team as one person alone at any of the profile will never ever be able to pull off the things alone.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:December 31, 2017
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