Communication – Work of a Scientist or an Artist?

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It is something questionable that if communication is a result of science or it is an art. It is very important to make communication skill very effective in order to interact nicely with others and making them understand exactly what you want. It is science that discovers the things that are the fundamental principles where as art forms the practical results. Communication skill is not embedded by birth although it can be achieved with the deep practice and sincere efforts can be made to make them learnt thoroughly without any difficulty. One needs to concentrate on the principle skills of the communication in order to get the hold of communication skills. When it comes to the discussion of the science we can say that science is the knowledge of standardised principles that have been concluded through proper experiments. It helps us know the reason for the existence of everything.

There is a reason behind everything. Science works on the principles that there is rule and regulation for everything that exists. Everything in the nature works in a system. We just need to understand that system. One can understand the logic of science by the close study and understanding. If the results get confirmation with the help of the thorough experiments the trust issues become stronger. If the things one can get through testing and experimenting can be confirmed on the repeat basis that becomes the principle. One can follow that principle wherever one is living in the whole world. It is because the things become universally accepted and the law holds good at any situation no matter who is studying it and as well as performing it. The creativity is the core depth of an art. Art is creative way to analyse the results that are already accomplished. There can be two types of art. It is subjective or objective. In objective art everything is created by the artist where as in the subjective art everything happens by accident. Artist does not create the art it is created in him itself. Artist does not have control over his thoughts and ideas. Whatever he thinks is just the part of the process of art going within him. Artist is not in control of the artful things created in him. It is the skill of art that develops by itself in the intellectual minds of an artist.


The work is said to be objective art that too of great level only if the consciousness of the artist when and where the art is created itself on the subjective terms and even after all this the artist is not at all aware about the same. Communication is not at all only the science but has full support of the art itself. The communication has the power to provide the useful and the applicable principles for a body that in turn help the individuals at managerial level to make a bridge among the understanding of the various minds by the spread of the information with the help of the advanced technology. Communication from the recent past has been and is still growing as such a motion of the knowledge that is very systematic in the nature as the various facts and the feature that it posses and are very supported by the various concepts, principles and the theories that have come into the lime light after the hard work and the research work that had been conducted by the various researchers in India and world wide. It is still moving and working towards its complete development as a science especially as that of mathematics. But at the present situation it cannot be said the process of the communication has developed exactly as science. As here we are not able to estimate the results exactly in a certain fixed manner with the very high level of accuracy. At the various instances communication is often referred to as social science that is mainly in touch with the behavioral thinking of the people at their respective work stations accompanied by the respective dynamics and further accompanied by the inexactness that will always be prevalent in such a scenario. But irrespective of this inexactness the training that is very necessary formally at the various levels for the employees as well as the executives to move towards becoming very effective communicators.


Communication being a science socially is also an art as it has the involvement of the skill and the approach that is very individualistic in nature at any specific situation that may come around with the passing time. These various new situations and the systems possess very high demand for the realistic approach just in order to have the control of the problem that has arisen or may arise. The imperative approach to the effective communication is that the communication as an art must be very objective in the nature as each and every individual has that much required essential impulse for carrying out the communication with other individuals but as whole this process is done very consciously as at times it can lead to the creation of the various effects that are very desirable in the nature. So in the other words it can be said that in order to succeed towards making a successful career the communication skills play a very important role as these allow you to move in the accordance of what is demanded of the employees according to the vision that is et by organization and also allows the organization to move forward as a team. The communication skill in maximum of the cases are not in borne and hence need to be incorporated in an individual and this incorporation can be built with the help of the continuous discipline and rigorous practice that will allow easy and clear grasping of the principles that rule the effective communication. So in the other words it can be said that the very effective communication plays a very critical and a vital role in bringing an individual in front of other individuals having something that others are not having.

This article has been written by KJ Singh a MBA Graduate from a prestigious Business School In India
Article Published:December 31, 2017
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