MBA or M.B.A (The Master of Business Administration) is a master’s degree in business administration. Started in the early 20th century, today MBA is one of the most sorted degree all over the world. Different countries have different accreditation standards but overall the prime motive is to train the students in different aspects of business like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, Planning and Strategy, Management Information System, Effective Communication and Leadership skills to name a few.

Depending on your requirement and the country you live in, you can opt for full time MBA, part-time MBA or even distance learning initiative by universities and colleges to get MBA degree.

Is Management an Art or a Science ?

This question has often been asked as earlier the managers mostly relied upon their experience, commonsense and intuition. They hardly had any kind of professional training but still they were able to produce excellent results. Science on the other hand is not based on commonsense but it is based on logical consistency, systematic explanation, critical evaluation and experimental analysis. Science consistently verifies the facts and for a subject to be consider as a science it must have generalizations and principles that are true. Management also contains many laws and principles that are based on different management practices but these are not applicable universally. As the principles of management are not universally applicable it cannot be termed purely as a science. On the other hand, the present day managers use a lot of techniques and tools to successfully manage their affairs. They have to adopted a scientific approach and handled the various input resources scientifically. Thus it can be said that management as a subject has the elements of both science and art.


Why Should You Do MBA?

Many times this question arises that what is the need of MBA and why do I need it. Here are some of the benefits of doing MBA.

1) You can achieve the maximum potential in your professional life by doing MBA.

2) MBA can help you progress in your otherwise stagnant career.

3) After MBA, you can quickly jump from a mid-level management job to a senior position where you will have the chance to take strategic decisions.

4) After doing MBA, you can have huge opportunities to either work with good companies or you can also start your own startup as the degree boosts your self confidence which matters the most in professional life.

5) A MBA degree from prestigious B-school can add a lot of brand value to you.

So to conclude we can say that MBA degree equips you with the knowledge that can shape up your career path. At the same time, this degree also provides insight regarding the wide range of career options that were not earlier available to you earlier. To read in depth about Why Should You Do MBA Click Here

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